Salt Water Chlorinator


When it comes to chlorine generators, Salt Water Chlorinator is here to assist with spa (or hot tub) and swimming pool suggestions.


Chlorinators have actually been around for a long period of time now and are really starting to gain popularity in the United States. Chlorinators are most popular in Australia and New Zealand and have been in use in those countries for many years.


Salt water swimming pools, like chlorine pools, make use of chlorine to sanitise the water. However, the difference is that salt water is used to create or generate chlorine as opposed to manually adding chlorine.


Chlorine is produced in salt water swimming pools by a device called a chlorinator (also known as a chlorine generator, or salt water chlorinator).


Salt is added and dissolved into the water. Then, through a procedure called electrolysis, a chlorinator will generate chlorine. For more detailed information on the chemical process, please visit this Wikipedia page -


Unlike a chlorine pool, a salt pool (hot tub, or spa, etc.) requires little maintenance. Once salt is added to the pool, it doesn’t require constant additional salt. Through the chemical process, salt is actually created as a by product thus maintaining salt levels in the water.


Only in the event of heavy rain or an emptying of the pool and refilling, will salt need to be added back to the water.


Your kids will love using the pool, salt water is so much softer than chlorinated water and the levels of salt in the pool are so low that you wouldn’t even taste it. No more red eyes, irritated skin and funny looking hair!

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